Matte styling, mud, fluffy hair




Specification: 100g, 120 bottles / piece

Product Features:

     The special fiber texture can be changed arbitrarily.

    Medium styling creates a perfect, natural-looking line, suitable for avant-garde hairstyles that require gloss and messy effects.

    This product is used on dry hair.

    Enhance hair texture and gloss, and experience the appearance of a lot of fibers.

    It is suitable for short-level hairstyles that require gloss and messy effects without putting too much burden on the hair.

    This cream is soft brushed and does not have strong support. It can also be used for curly hair or hairstyles with moist gloss.

    The hair of the girl is scratched, and it is a little sticky, with a sense of layering and a good line.



On dry hair, take a small amount and rub it on the palm, melt it in the palm and apply it on the hair.


Detailed usage method:

1. Use hair mud when the hair is clean.

2. Wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. If you want a cooler look, you must

      Blow your hair until fluffy.

3. Remove a small amount of mud on the palm and rub in a circular motion. Try to keep it on your fingers (this will make it easier to

      Mud is better rubbed on the hair), then gently rub on the hair, try to rub on the root

      And not just the surface of the hair.

4. The next step is to start styling your hair. According to the effect you want, start styling your hair.

      To stand up, you can spread your fingers, insert your fingers towards the scalp, and then

      Lift the hair up and up, do it several times, and arrange the corners of the hair according to your requirements.


5. If you want a wisp of effect, you can apply mud to your hair tips. Rub with your fingers a few times,

      Can become a hedgehog head.

6. If the hair is so long as to make it stand up, it must be combined with hair spray to shape it. This keeps the effect going

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 60 in

Grey, Transparent, White


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